Fedora.us Status, Warning to FC3 APT Users
Posted on: 09/07/2005 06:43 AM

An announcement from Warren Togami:

Fedora.us is Extras for the old RH8-FC2 distributions. If you are using newer Fedora distributions then ignore this message.

Warning to Fedora.us FC3 APT Users
download.fedora.us has been replicating FC3 Updates and FE3 for apt users. This has become a significant burden to fedora.us as it has become 99% of sync traffic in past months. This is redundant and a waste of storage and bandwidth resources.

For this reason I have decided that download.fedora.us mirrors will completely remove FC3 and FE3 from the apt-only fedora.us mirror network on September 10th.

The Fedora Project recommends that users migrate away from apt to newer tools like yum or smartpm. Even upstream Conectiva has given up on apt, instead worked on their new client smartpm rewritten from scratch. Apt-rpm has bugs (virtual provides bugs like #164601) and missing functionality (like multilib) that may never be fixed, making it impossible to support for the Fedora Project.

Yum and smartpm have the direct benefit of being able to use the repodata on official Fedora Project mirrors. Extras has "yumex" and "kyum" graphical user interfaces available, while smartpm has its own GUI interface. (Hmm... any volunteers to put smartpm into Extras?)

For users who insist upon continuing to use apt for FC3, we advise switching to the FreshRPMS repository which has Core Extras among other repositories.

Fedora.us Discontinuing RH8 Extras
Effective immediately fedora.us will no longer make security updates for RH8 Extras. Fedora Legacy has stopped maintenance of RH8 due to lack of interest long ago, so it makes no sense for Extras to continue security updates for RH8 either.

Fedora.us Status
Fedora.us remains in development only for security updates of old Extras for RH9-FC2. Read the above URL for reporting details if you see a security issue that needs fixing.

Warren Togami

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