Fedora Core 3 Update: boost-1.32.0-5.fc3
Posted on: 03/23/2005 05:54 AM

A boost update is available for Fedora Core 3

Fedora Update Notification

Product : Fedora Core 3
Name : boost
Version : 1.32.0
Release : 5.fc3
Summary : The Boost C++ Libraries
Description :
Boost provides free peer-reviewed portable C++ source libraries. The emphasis is on libraries which work well with the C++ Standard Library. One goal is to establish "existing practice" and provide reference implementations so that the Boost libraries are suitable for eventual standardization. (Some of the libraries have already been
proposed for inclusion in the C++ Standards Committee's upcoming C++ Standard Library Technical Report.)

Update Information:

This is a bugfix release.

* Fri Mar 18 2005 Benjamin Kosnik lt;bkoz@redhat.comgt; 1.32.0-5

- Revert boost-base.patch to old behavior.
- Use SONAMEVERSION instead of dllversion.

* Wed Mar 16 2005 Benjamin Kosnik lt;bkoz@redhat.comgt; 1.32.0-4

- (#142612: Compiling Boost 1.32.0 Failed in RHEL 3.0 on Itanium2)
- (#150069: libboost_python.so is missing)
- (#141617: bad patch boost-base.patch)
- (#122817: libboost_*.so symlinks missing)
- Re-add boost-thread.patch.
- Change boost-base.patch to show thread tags.
- Change boost-gcc-tools.patch to use SOTAG, compile with dllversion.
- Add symbolic links to files.
- Sanity check can compile with gcc-3.3.x, gcc-3.4.2, gcc-4.0.x., gcc-4.1.x.

* Thu Dec 2 2004 Benjamin Kosnik lt;bkoz@redhat.comgt; 1.32.0-3

- (#122817: libboost_*.so symlinks missing)
- (#141574: half of the package is missing)
- (#141617: bad patch boost-base.patch)

* Wed Dec 1 2004 Benjamin Kosnik lt;bkoz@redhat.comgt; 1.32.0-2

- Remove bogus Obsoletes.

This update can be downloaded from:

6ff3845dc3804417b80a5a50614a2cc8 SRPMS/boost-1.32.0-5.fc3.src.rpm
1619ac6943b7ba39ae88e981a048e246 x86_64/boost-1.32.0-5.fc3.x86_64.rpm
4166f53a9053b803eadf498f45af9fa9 x86_64/boost-devel-1.32.0-5.fc3.x86_64.rpm
40bd366966075238c903a1fa5404f2df x86_64/debug/boost-debuginfo-1.32.0-5.fc3.x86_64.rpm
8f53395a45b0f15e308d8169547f2051 x86_64/boost-1.32.0-5.fc3.i386.rpm
8f53395a45b0f15e308d8169547f2051 i386/boost-1.32.0-5.fc3.i386.rpm
db958d0d7c119409d1a8a99e9ed3d93f i386/boost-devel-1.32.0-5.fc3.i386.rpm
ff2cb9488d54633b8932ef62857b2a7c i386/debug/boost-debuginfo-1.32.0-5.fc3.i386.rpm

This update can also be installed with the Update Agent; you can launch the Update Agent with the 'up2date' command.

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