Fedora Core 1 Test Update: up2date-4.1.21-2, yum-2.0.5-1
Posted on: 02/24/2004 03:07 PM

Fedora Test Update Notification

Name : up2date
Version : 4.1.21
Release : 2
Summary : Determines which system packages need to be updated via RHN.
Description :
The Red Hat Update Agent that automatically queries the Red Hat Network servers and determines which packages need to be updated on your machine.

Name : yum
Version : 2.0.5
Release : 1
Summary : RPM installer/updater
Description :
Yum is a utility that can check for and automatically download and install updated RPM packages. Dependencies are obtained and downloaded automatically prompting the user as necessary.

Update Information:

These packages contain updated repository information for
Fedora Core 1. Instead of using a HTTP redirect, a direct
URL is used; this allows supporting multiple architectures
in time.

If no regressions are reported either here or via bugzilla
these updates will be pushed final by 2004-02-27.


* Thu Feb 19 2004 Adrian Likins <alikins redhat com> 4.1.21

- changes default sources to point to arch dependent
updates dir

* Tue Nov 04 2003 Adrian Likins <alikins redhat com> 4.1.19

- fix #108761 (auth info not updating correctly)
- update man pages (#104814)
- fix #107856

* Mon Nov 03 2003 Adrian Likins <alikins redhat com> 4.1.17

- make the error message about import keys understand
fedora keys
- fix some bugs with hardcoded useage of "/var/spool/up2date"
- pass along up2date version in User-Agent string
- fix the "update says I still need to update the kernel" bug

* Mon Feb 23 2004 Bill Nottingham <notting redhat com> 2.0.5-1

- push 2.0.5 as a FC1 update

* Fri Jan 23 2004 Bill Nottingham <notting redhat com>

- update to current snapshot
- fix config for FC2 test 1

* Tue Dec 23 2003 Jeff Johnson <jbj redhat com> 2.0.4-5

- build yum daily snapshot for amd64 fix.

* Wed Nov 12 2003 Bill Nottingham <notting redhat com> 2.0.4-4

- patch for excluding dirs in yum-arch from CVS

* Thu Nov 06 2003 Jeremy Katz <katzj redhat com> 2.0.4-3

- patch to work with python 2.3 from Seth

This update can be downloaded from:

f249c7099cc5b3dc3252636256ec5497 SRPMS/up2date-4.1.21-2.src.rpm
e9f99540d009dbb6a0a14aca316ac679 i386/up2date-4.1.21-2.i386.rpm
c974ee8019dd8333048cd74e792ab90b i386/up2date-gnome-4.1.21-2.i386.rpm
b1a8fd1dc7ce13ca45d35fe2cc5388d7 i386/debug/up2date-debuginfo-4.1.21-2.i386.rpm
a3bf71d3fe0d43b568517c564eefd42f SRPMS/yum-2.0.5-1.src.rpm
ccc45f0a08c03dd7d61b8b1eabe87fec i386/yum-2.0.5-1.noarch.rpm

This update can also be installed with the Update Agent; you can launch the Update Agent with the 'up2date' command. You may need to edit your up2date channels configuration. Within /etc/sysconfig/rhn/sources enable the following line:
yum updates-testing http://fedora.redhat.com/updates/testing/fedora-core-1

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