Fedora 9 Reviews Roundup
Posted on: 05/20/2008 01:43 PM

Softpedia posted a first look at Fedora 9

Believe it or not, Fedora 9 (dubbed Sulphur) is here! It was OFFICIALLY released (as expected) today May 13th, 2008. With hard drive encryption support implemented in the graphical installer (a feature that is missing from the popular Ubuntu distribution), latest Linux kernel 2.6.25, GNOME 2.22.1, GIMP 2.4.5 and Firefox 3 Beta 5, we guess the final release will really rock your world and it is our pleasure, here at Softpedia Labs, to introduce you to the latest features of Fedora 9.

First Look at Sulphur, Fedora 9

Tech Source from Bohol posted a review on Fedora 9

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