Fedora 8 and 9 updates status
Posted on: 09/05/2008 10:11 PM

Jesse Keating posted a status update on Fedora 8 and 9 updates

As you well know, we have been working hard to get updates for 8 and 9 flowing again, complete with new package signing keys. Discussion has been somewhat quiet on this front as we've all had our heads down and have been working hard toward a solution, one that involves little to no manual effort on behalf of our users.

Today we've reached a major milestone in this progress. We have done a successful compose of all the existing and as of yesterday pending updates for Fedora 8 and Fedora 9, all signed with our new keys. These updates will soon hit mirrors in a new set of directory locations. What we don't have quite yet is the updated fedora-release package in the old updates location that will get you the new keys and the new repo locations. The last mile testing of this update requires that new updates be live on the mirrors.

Due to the size of the resigned updates, it may take a good while for our sync process. This may delay getting the new fedora-release out until tomorrow, but we'll be working hard on it.

While we're working on this update, we'll also be drafting a FAQ page to explain to users what it is that we're doing, and hopefully answer some of the questions that will come up. This document will be living though, and as you encounter questions yourself, or questions via one of our many avenues of support (email, IRC, forums, LUGS, etc..) please help us in growing that document. Announcements regarding the location of said document and how to help with content will be coming shortly.

We deeply appreciate the enormous magnitude of patience you the greater community has shown us the Fedora project as we work though these serious issues. It is a great testament to how wonderful it is to work in and with the Fedora community.

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