Fedora 7 Review
Posted on: 08/09/2007 03:15 PM

LinuxLinks published a review on the lastest version of Fedora Linux

If you're a Fedora user the end of May means one thing...time for a new release! This year was no different as the Fedora project continued its aggressive six month release schedule. Fedora 7, code named “Moonshine”, is the latest version of the Red Hat influenced Linux distribution. Fedora regulars will note the absence of the word “Core” in the new name. This isn't the only change with this release. We'll delve into what's new in 7 as well as review Fedora from a desktop standpoint.

Fedora is Red Hat's testbed for it's enterprise edition. Features first appear in Fedora before graduating to Red Hat Enterprise Linux. Although Fedora users are used to being Red Hat's guinea pigs, the project has it's own set of goals. Red Hat's challenge has been to create a partnership between it's engineers and the open source community in an effort to create “the best operating system and platform that free software can provide.

Fedora 7 Review

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