Fedora 15 Beta released
Posted on: 04/19/2011 08:49 PM

Fedora 15 Beta has been released

The clock is ticking. The days are counting down. The release of
Fedora 15, codenamed "Lovelock," is scheduled for release in late
May. Fedora is the leading edge, free and open source operating
system that continues to deliver innovative features to users
worldwide, with a new release every six months.

We are delighted to announce the availability of the Beta release
of Fedora 15.

"I beta one American dollar that you will love this release!"

Come see why we love Fedora so much. We are betting you will,
too. Download it now: http://fedoraproject.org/get-prerelease?wkanF15b

== What is the Beta Release? ==

The beta release is the last important milestone of Fedora 15. Only
critical bug fixes will be pushed as updates leading to the general
release of Fedora 15 in May. We invite you to join us in making
Fedora 15 a solid release by downloading, testing, and providing
your valuable feedback.

Of course, this is a beta release, meaning that some problems may still
be lurking. A list of the problems we already know about can be seen on
the Common F15 bugs page, at http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Common_F15_bugs.

If you find a bug that's not found on that page, be sure it gets
fixed before release by reporting your discovery at
https://bugzilla.redhat.com/ Thank you!

== Features ==

Desktop enthusiasts and end users of all sorts can look forward to:
* Gnome Shell and the Gnome 3 desktop. Gnome 3 is the next major
version of the Gnome desktop. After many years of a largely
unchanged Gnome 2.x experience, GNOME 3 brings a fresh look
and feel with GNOME Shell.
* LibreOffice Productivity Suite. LibreOffice is a fork of
OpenOffice, with the support of the OpenOffice.org community.
All of the applications you know and love are still there,
including apps for spreadsheets, document creation, and presentations.
* Desktop environments a-plenty. The Xfce and LXDE spins have
been updated, and the Fedora Spins SIG has other offerings
tailored to a wide variety of user needs.

Sysadmins will love features such as:
* Appliance building. BoxGrinder creates appliances (virtual
machines) from simple plain text appliance definition files
for various virtual platforms, and is great for building
appliances for use in a Cloud environment.
* Dynamic Firewall. The dynamic firewall mode aims to make it
possible to change firewall settings without the need to restart
the firewall and to make persistent connections possible.

Coders have lots of new development tools to try out, including:
* Updates to popular languages. Python 3.2, Rails 3.0.3, and
OCaml 3.12 are all included in Fedora 15.
* Project tooling. Maven 3 is a Java project management, project
comprehension, and build system tool.
* Compiling and debugging. GDB gets an update to 7.3, and GCC
4.6 is included. (Fedora 15 has also been rebuilt using GCC 4.6!)

And that's only the beginning. A more complete list and details of
all the new features in Fedora 15 is available here:

We have nightly composes of alternate spins available here:

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