Eye of GNOME 2.15.91
Posted on: 08/08/2006 04:53 PM

Eye of GNOME (eog) is the image viewer for the GNOME desktop.

* What's changed in 2.15.91 ?
- Small fixes on error dialog (Lucas Rocha)
- Fix memory leak on image transformation (Felix Riemman) [349434]
- Fix typo on UI message (Lucas Rocha) [349361]
- Panning around the image with arrows on fullscreen mode
(Lucas Rocha) [347174]
- Updated translations: Hendrik Richter (de), Francisco Javier F.
Serrador (es), Christophe Merlet (fr), Maxim Dziumanenko (uk),
Jovan Naumovski (mk), Bastien Nocera (en_GB), Theppitak
Karoonboonyanan (th), Ankit Patel (gu), Jakub Friedl (cs)

Eye of GNOME 2.15.91 (md5sums: 6f80ad0ca329cb9cd3fdffbd15489447)

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