Posted on: 05/07/2005 08:09 AM

evolution-gconf-tools-0.1.6 is now available

evolution-gconf-tools are a collection of scripts for working with Evolution's GConf configuration information from the command line.

What's new in this version:

evolution-gconf-setup-user script
This script attempts to guess what Evolution's configuration information for the current user ought to be and writes the data into GConf. It can be customized by setting up data in /etc/gconf/evolution-gconf-tools.

In its default configuration it sets up Evolution 2.0 to talk to an Exchange server.

Other changes
The evolution-gconf-personalize script now looks for these (optional) environment variables:
* PERSONALIZE_EMAILDOMAIN: If present it affects the addr_spec and the human-readable name of the account.
* PERSONALIZE_UIDHOST: If present will convert UIDs in the prototype configuration data to use this.
* PERSONALIZE_SERVERNAME: this should work for calendars and
addressbooks as well as email now. Better handling of Active Directory server name.

Patches, comments, testers welcome.

Home page (on the GNOME wiki):

Tarball available for download from:

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