Posted on: 08/21/2005 04:51 PM

Duty Roaster is a program for managing and generating duty rotas in a userfriendly way licenced under the GPL. You can obtain it from http://sourceforge.net/projects/duty-roaster.


- duty-roaster now uses sqlite-3.2.x.

- Requirements are no longer specified globaly, but for user defined
time periods.

- Shift and weekday prefernces regulators are no loger coupled.
Instead they display the weighted average of the current adjustment
to help the user in adjusting them reasonable.

- It is now possible to assign user defined external shifts to modify
the hour balance of employees directly.

- Bug fixes and lots of code improvements - read the ChangeLog for details.


- Savefiles from older versions are invalid.

- If you want to experiment with translations, watch out for
~/lang.txt if you are working under linux
PROGRAMM_PATH\\lang.txt if you are working under win32.
Open lang.txt with a text editor, add your translations and restart
the program. Open Misc-gt ;(Translation Log) to check if your
modifications were accepted. Make sure that the files are encoded as
UTF-8, rather than ASCII, ISO-8859, or others.

- A gentoo ebuild for the new version will be available soon on the
project's homepage on sourceforge.


- gtkmm-2.6.2 [http://www.gtkmm.org] or higher. 2.4.x will not work !

- boost-1.32.0 [http://www.boost.org/] with thread support enabled
(gentoo users should emerge boost with the 'threads' useflag).

- sqlite-3.2.x [http://www.sqlite.org/].

Planned for 0.0.81:

- Not clear yet.


- My brother Joseph Lehner for implementig the export to html function
and the translation module.

- BALANCE [http://www.balance.at/], an association for physically
handicappedd people for funding this project.

- All the others from the open source community for their great work
which made this project possible.

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