Posted on: 07/20/2005 05:37 PM

Duty Roaster is a program for managing and generating duty rotas in a userfriendly way licenced under the GPL. You can obtain it from http://sourceforge.net/projects/duty-roaster


- The program now has support for status of employee's illness. Just click on a shift in the roster view and select 'Sick'.

- The interface has been enhanced with calendar widgets, which are sometimes more convenient when selecting dates. You can still enter your dates using the keyboard - as this allows copy/paste operations and may be faster.

- If you open a file, only the filename with .(dpmphd) as ending is shown, the path is cut off. This makes things more clear, and points out that we are in fact working on two files. [The phd file contains your custom public holidays and special days, the dpm the rest of the applications data.]

- The headers of various tree views in prgram can now be clicked for reordering. Thanks to Yann Normand who told me how to do this.

- Removed a nasty bug, which could be reproduced like this:
1.) Open a file with some workers defined, but no shifts
set for June or July.
2.) Right-click on a schedule field for 2005-Jul-2, for the worker
X of your choice.
3.) Select the action Holiday-gt;'This week'
4.) Goto june, and notice, that there is not a single holiday
visible, allthough assigning shifts to the last week of
june for X is not possible. In fact, the operation you
requested was done by the program's core, but the interface
failed to syncronice with the changes.
5.) Now do the same for another worker, and watch it work.

- The program needs less memory, allthough I'm sure that there is still enough room for improvements.

- Bugfixes, code improvements - read the ChangeLog for details.


- Savefiles from version remain valid.

- If you want to experiment with translations, watch out for
~/lang.txt if you are working under linux
PROGRAMM_PATH\\lang.txt if you are working under win32
Open lang.txt with a text editor, add your translations and restart
the program. Errors in the translation files will be logged to

- A gentoo ebuild for the new version will be available soon on the
project's homepage on sourceforge (this time really).


- gtkmm-2.6.3 [www.gtkmm.org]. 2.4.x will not work !

- boost-1.32.0 [http://www.boost.org/] with thread support enabled
(gentoo users should emerge boost with the 'threads' useflag).

- sqlite-2.8.14 [http://www.sqlite.org/] or higher, but not a 3.x
version (allthogh that may work). Switching to sqlite-3.x is at
least planned.

Planned for

- A 'Misc' menu containing:

- Information on the licence and the authors.

- Some hints for the user.

- A log window to view varios messages, warnings and errors
from the translation module. While this is a feature mainly for
developers and translators, i'll try to implement this
logging window in a way, so that it can be reused for the
planned operations log.


- My brother Joseph Lehner for implementig the export to html function
and the translation module.

- BALANCE [http://www.balance.at/], an association for physically
handicappedd people for funding this project.

- All the others from the open source community for their great work
which made this project possible.

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