Dropline GNOME 2.8.0
Posted on: 10/06/2004 10:07 PM

Dropline GNOME 2.8.0 for Slackware Linux is available

Alright, most of the issues with the Release Candidates should be ironed out now. Totem is still being weird with some movies, HAL is not 100% reliable (but the whole point of using it lightly in GNOME 2.8 was to get more testing so that it will be really stable for 2.10), and the MIME thing is a big mess (ack!), but:

- gnome-python is down to a stable version (2.0.2)
- HAL has been patched to work with Python
- The DBus rc.d script has been fixed
- The Cups manager is working again

I think that puts us in good enough shape for a stable release while we try to sort out those few remaining issues. Thanks to everyone for reporting bugs and posting patches! Smile

BitTorrent links are up at http://morva.dropline.net:6969/, and the updated packages will be posted to SourceForge later this evening. Once the SourceForge mirroring is finished, I'll post the announcement on the main page.

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