Dreamlinux 5 review - Splendid
Posted on: 01/31/2012 12:23 PM

Dedoimedo posted a review on Dreamlinux 5

Dreamlinux 5 review - Splendid

You all know that I don't like the Xfce desktop. For some reason, nearly every single implementation thereof lacks something so important, so basic. Recently, it's been hailed as the replacement for Gnome 2, the new hope for Linux users disillusioned by the cartoon fever of new touch-like interfaces so wrongly mated to the traditional desktop. But I'm skeptical.

Then, there's Dreamlinux. The last time I tried it, Dedoimedo was still having just a few hundred visits a day, I believed splitting articles into many parts to garner more clicks was a good thing to do, IPv6 was going to run out soon, and it was my first really proper review that I can recall. And yes, Dreamlinux showed some real promise. Fast-forward to now, it hasn't quite made it big, as the development has been rather slow, but I still remember the good feeling of testing and using it. Can Dreamlinux make me not hate Xfce?

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