Docker Open Source Container Virtualization Reaches 1.0 Version
Posted on: 06/10/2014 10:51 AM

Docker, the open source container virtualization platform, released software version 1.0

Docker Open Source Container Virtualization Reaches 1.0 Version

From The VAR Guy:
Docker has matured remarkably quickly since the project unveiled its first software release in March 2013. Back then, Docker represented an ambitious but uncertain approach to virtualization by abstracting individual applications from the host environment, rather than virtualizing an entire operating system. That type of solution promised to reap major benefits by making applications more portable across different types of platforms and devices, but it was unclear in Docker's early days whether the project would ever distinguish itself from similar tools, such as Linux Containers, that have been around for many years but never became commercially significant.

With the 1.0 release, however, the Docker team aims to make clear that Docker is now feature-rich and eminently stable enough for enterprise deployment. "Docker’s 1.0 release was predicated both upon the code meeting the company’s high standards for overall quality, feature completeness, backward compatibility and API stability, as well as the surrounding items necessary for enterprise use. These additional items include robust documentation, complete training materials and programs, and commercial, enterprise support from Docker and a network of partners," the project said in a statement.

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