Debian Sarge Installer Beta 3
Posted on: 03/17/2004 08:20 AM

The third beta of the Debian sarge installer has been released

The Debian-Installer team is proud to announce the third and final beta release of the Debian sarge installer. New features in this release include:

* new easy to use partitioner that supports automatic partitioning and LVM
* grub as the default boot loader on i386
* wireless networking support
* 2.4.25 kernel, with SATA support and security fixes
* support for the XFS filesystem
* support for these architectures: i386, ia64, sparc, m68k (mac), mips, alpha
* fully translated to 25 languages
* a boot logo (by Mark Riedesel)
* a draft installation manual

This release fixes all of the posted errata in beta 2 of the Debian-Installer, and many other bugs besides. We anticipate that most users will find it a great improvement from past betas. Please send us a report of how your installation goes, so we can strive to make it even better.

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