Debian Etch (RC1) Review
Posted on: 01/15/2007 05:13 PM

GNEBU posted a Debian Etch (RC1) review

Debian Etch is getting closer and closer to being released as Debian 4.0. The bug count is going down, and if nothing goes wrong it might be released by the end of January of first part of February. Not such a big delay from the original schedule for December after all, especially if we consider the nature of Debian and its release cycle. If they're able to keep releasing every 18 months or so, I think that no one will ever complain about it anymore.

It's two months since I last looked at Debian Etch (review in Spanish), and my experience back then was really good, so I didn't plan to look at it again for now. However, I recently found out that the Debian team decided to build installation CDs in more flavours, so I thought it would be a good chance to look at the new KDE install CD and write about it in English this time.

Debian Etch (RC1) Review

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