Damn Small Linux: Still Damn Fun
Posted on: 07/12/2011 09:50 AM

OSNews takes a look at Damn Small Linux

Damn Small Linux: Still Damn Fun

I've described how to refurbish mature computers in several articles. The emphasis has been on machines in the four to ten year old range -- Pentium IV's, D's, M's, III's and Celerons. But what if you have a really old computer, like a Pentium II, I, or even a 486? Can you use it for anything worthwhile? A vintage distro named Damn Small Linux answers "yes." This article describes DSL and tells how to make 1990's computers useful again. Screenshots follow the article.

WARNING: Some people feel that playing with computers more than a decade old is nothing short of idiotic. If you agree, stop reading now and save yourself the trouble of composing a clever flame. Those brave enough to enter the WABAC Machine, please continue:

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