Damn Small Linux 3.1RC4
Posted on: 11/21/2006 04:32 PM

Damn Small Linux 3.1RC4 has been released

DSL v3.1 RC4 is now ready for testing. Cumulative Change Log:

* Improved mount tool for "after boot" pendrive support.
* Fixed reported issues with mount tool - sort order missing devices
* Fixed incomplete Lua conversion of dslMirrorSel.lua
* Fixed incomplete Lua conversion of icontool.lua
* Updated .jwmrc for recent menu changes
* Updated hard drive install for consistent fstab
* Updated hard drive install - lilo to partition instead of MBR
* Updated frugal lilo - dropped hda requirement lilo to partition.
* New theme - envane
* Improved frugal_grub.sh to support Poormans via Bootfloppy installs.
* Improved frugal_lilo.sh to support Poormans via Bootfloppy installs.
* Improved dsl-hdinstall dsl-installboot to support Poormans via Bootfloppy installs
* Updated mkdosswapfile to support Poormans via Bootfloppy
* New boot option 'dosswapfile' to autoscan or specify dosswapfile
* dpkg-restore made consistent with other extensions to use /opt/.mydsl_dir.
* gnu-utils-restore made consistent to use /opt/.mydsl_dir.
* Changed mydslPanel to use /opt/.mydsl_dir
* Fixed bug in mydslInfo to parse for new UNC area of repository
* Fixed bug in DSLpanel for Xvesa
* Fixed typo bug in icontool.lua
* Dropped pts from mount.lua
* Changed mkmydsl script -boot-load-size 4 for beter hardware compatibility.
* Improved root's PATH, changes .fluxbox/menu .xtdesktop/Aterm.lnk, and /root/.bachrc
* New boot option 'fuse' to load upon boot the fuse system.
* Converted 54 Lua and Lua/Fltk programs to Lua 5.1.1 Fltk 1.1 via MurgaLua interface
* Added right-click to MyDSL Icon for easy UCItool access
* Improved Antiword fonts
* Changed color escape codes to echo commands
* Added TMPDIR environment variable
* Dropped Original Lua/Fltk - flua
* Edited .fluxbox menu. Configuration s/b Fluxbox Configuration
* Added License section to "Getting Started" document
* Cleanup code regarding DESKTOP ICONS
* Update stats.lua to read version from text file.
* Added firefox adjustments for unionfs
* Made unionfs the default boot. Use "legacy" option to skip.
* Cleanup more /var/tmp to /tmp
* Updated sqlite to 3.3.6
* Made mydsl boot option consistent with restore boot option.
* Enhanced exitcheck to warn if no backup device when requested to save special settings.
* Added murgaLua Lua/Fltk development toolkit
* Enhanced .torsmorc for ACPI battery indicator

Damn Small Linux 3.1RC4

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