Damn Small Linux 2.3 RC1
Posted on: 03/10/2006 05:33 PM

The first release candidate for DSL v 2.3 is now available

DSL is a very versatile 50MB mini desktop oriented Linux distribution.

Change Log for v2.3RC1
1. New check and prompt to save APSFILTER printer setup.
2. New check and prompt to save wireless setup.
3. New MyDSL is now a separate menu via a fluxbox [include]
4. New prompt when keyboard is changed while running X.
5. New usb pendrive installs now support "toram"
6. New faster dsl-embedded loading in Windows.
7. New theme and xmms skin
8. New boot floppy supports, fromusb, fromzip, frompcmcia (requires 2nd pcmcia module floppy
9. Updated Getting Started document.
10. Improved mount tool for cdrom access.
11. Fixed UCI loop counter during unmounts.
12. Fixed prims2.sh bug
13. Removed unused icon in dsl-embedded (Flwriter)
14. Improved display of dock app dmix/mount tool.


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