Damn Small Linux 0.7.3
Posted on: 07/28/2004 07:35 AM

Damn Small Linux 0.7.3 has been released

Damn Small Linux is a business card size (50MB) bootable Live CD Linux distribution. Despite its minuscule size it strives to have a functional and easy to use desktop.

What's new:
-- boots directly in enhanced X desktop 1024x768x32 and mouse auto detected when default video mode is used
-- added boot time options of
xsetup This will prompt the user with the original X setup screens
noicons This will start the desktop without enhanced options
vga=normal This is now displayed on the F2 screen
-- added the ability to mount and umount the .ci extensions via the myDSL button
first time mounts it, do it again and it umounts it
-- updated cardmgr to 3.2.2
-- removed nfs-common from startup
-- added .wgetrc for user control of wget
-- corrected perms on /dev/cdrom for xmms audio CD play by user
-- corrected some more user damnsmall to dsl, IRCNICK, emelfm
-- corrected emelfm 5f bug and nedit reference to Scite
-- updated "Getting Started" to reflect recent changes and enhancements to system
-- Scite replaced Beaver
-- linked /etc/chatscripts into /opt/ppp/chatscripts
-- added mouse capability to mc via the -tn xterm -e mc
-- enhanced mydsl-load script to not allow duplicates in the myDSL menu when users load the same extension.
-- removed locate and related files as they require gnu-utils to work. They will be added into gnu-utils.dsl.
-- changed tzconfig to prompt and enter TZ code, e.g. PST8PDT
-- flua replaces lua

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