CSF 5.72 Firewall released
Posted on: 01/11/2013 01:33 PM

A new version of the ConfigServer Firewall has been released

CSF 5.72 Firewall released


- Added missing DD setting in DA and generic installations for ST_DISKW
- Modified IPv6 port settings to reflect IPv4 port settings for new installs in csf.conf
- If a deleted executable process is detected and reported then do not further report children of the parent (or the parent itself if a child triggered the report) if the parent is also a deleted executable process
- Parent PID added to PT_DELETED_ACTION parameters
- In the Server Report allow for spaces before Apache directives
- Updated instructions for modifying log_selector for exim configurations in readme.txt and Server Report
- Modify DD calculation for ST_DISKW for disks that report in GB/s
- Updated to use the new cPanel 11.36+ integrated perl binary if exists

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