CSF 5.68 released
Posted on: 10/31/2012 12:26 PM

Another ConfigServr Firewall update has been released

CSF 5.68 released


- New feature added - LF_DIST_INTERVAL. This option provides a separate timing interval for both LF_DISTFTP and LF_DISTSMTP. By default it is set to 300 seconds
- Implemented better handling of repeat blocks when an IP is already temporarily or permanenetly blocked
- Added missing inclusion of Time::HiRes in csf.pl
- Silence LF_DISTFTP and LF_DISTSMTP ignored IP logging to lfd.log unless DEBUG enabled
- Silence DYNDNS IP address updates to lfd.log unless DEBUG enabled
- RELAYHOSTS setting now defaults to "0" to improve security on cPanel servers
- Increased default value of DENY_IP_LIMIT to 200

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