CSF 5.22 released
Posted on: 05/18/2011 04:21 PM

A new version of the ConfigServer Firewall and Login/Intrusion Detector for Linux has been released

CSF 5.22 released


New feature: Connection Limit Protection (CONNLIMIT, CONNLIMIT_LOGGING). This option configures iptables to offer more protection from DOS attacks against specific ports. It can also be used as a way to simply limit resource usage by IP address to specific server services. This option limits the number of concurrent new connections per IP address that can be made to specific ports. See csf.conf and readme.txt for more information and about the format of the CONNLIMIT option and its limitations

Minor csf UI Firewall Configuration virtual pagination improvements

Updated cPanel Server Check update settings for v11.30+

Removed cPanel Server Check for new versions due to changes in the v11.30+ versioning system making this redundant

Updated MySQL Server Check for v5.1.*

Added a warning to csf.conf for SYNFLOOD to only enable the option if you know you are under a SYN flood attack as it will restrict all new connection to the server if triggered

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