Create Hello World Portlet on Linux with new IBM Jetspeed tutorials
Posted on: 03/17/2003 11:14 PM

Thanks Luke for this one:

IBM has released two tutorials on Jetspeed, Advanced portlet technology. Part 1 takes you through portlet development by engaging Jetspeed an open source project from the Apache Software Foundation, which enables portability across all platforms. Jetspeed supports JSP as the building block for portlets. It also provides Jetspeed-specific predefined taglib blocks that make repetitive tasks easier to perform. In a addition to those features, Jetspeed provides developers with an advanced caching mechanism and support for WML. The tutorials teach you how to use this open-source architecture to implement wireless and Web-based portlets. With the knowledge you gained by creating the Hello World Portlet in Part 1, you will learn in Part 2 how to stream into the portlet you've created using Apache Tomcat.

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