control-center 2.13.1 released
Posted on: 10/24/2005 04:25 PM

control-center 2.13.1 has been released

Changes since 2.12.1
- Add Sylpheed-Claws to the list of possible mailers (Colin Leroy)

- gcc 2.95 compilation fixes (Jens Granseuer) (318746)

- Allow installation of themes with file:// URIs (Ed Catmur) (319358)

- Only show one screensaver capplet when both xscreensaver and
gnome-screensaver are installed (Rodrigo Moya) (315505)
- Fix scrollbar arrows (Carlos Garnacho)
- Calculate text widths instead of forcing them (Carlos Garnacho)
- Force canvas background to base[GTK_STATE_NORMAL] and remove the need to repaint the background, in white (Carlos Garnacho)

- Fix weird spacing between systray icons (Rodrigo Moya) (318231)

- Add schema for remembering NumLock state between sessions (Jürg
Billeter) (74215)
- Add check for xinput extension (Ray Strode) (314409)
- Update the desktop font in addition to the application font when
'apply font' in large print themes is selected (Muktha) (123551)
- Reduced amount of xrdb executions (Erwann Chenede) (314774)
- Don't block settings daemon while executing children processes
(Rodrigo Moya)
- Lazy load the screensaver and the typing break monitor (Rodrigo Moya)
- Share a single GConfClient in the settings daemon (Rodrigo Moya)
- Execute xrdb with -nocpp switch when possible (Rodrigo Moya)
- Swap buttons on auxiliary mice for left-handed mode (Ray Strode)

control-center 2.13.1

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