CentOS 5.7/6.1 Status Updates
Posted on: 08/24/2011 01:23 PM

Karanbir Singh published two status updates on the upcoming release of CentOS 5.7 and CentOS 6.1

CentOS-5.7 Status Update
All the rpms are built and tested.

Updates released from the 5.7/ release time are all done upto 2011-08-21; Updates since the 21st will get done by this Friday the 26th.

Working on the distro build, the tree are installable but a bit more work is needed with the splittree logic to get the disk sizes into the correct state. Hoping to get that work done today.

CentOS-6.1 Status Update
Updates upto 2011-08-20 are built, We still have issues with a couple of rpms not linking correctly in the main distro tree. I'll post an update with details later in the day today.

Am still planning on being able to get this work finished this week.

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