CentOS-5.6 Continuous Release
Posted on: 08/16/2011 09:59 AM

The CentOS-5.6 Continuous Release ( CR ) repository, which contains rpms to be included in the next CentOS-5.x release, is now available

The CentOS-5.6 Continuous Release ( CR ) repository is now available on mirror.centos.org. This repository contains rpms to be included in the next CentOS-5.x release. Because these include security and bugfix updates, we strongly recommend everyone using CentOS-5 install and update their system using this repository.

Download and Install:

Installing the CR repository needs a manual step. You must download the correct centos-release-cr rpm and install it on your machine, this would setup the CentOS-CR.repo file in /etc/yum.repos.d/

md5: 67bbeb40cb77a91379847074667d2956
sha256: 50cd9f3d35b391a9009a9caae80182dcfccfa5abaf4ff4ef5f4d880bcf26b04c

md5: c447f54818a657a9dfd7fdd28a28cfcc
sha256: dab390a0fca17612e438b215fc90448ebcef982e96e25cbea8426f00edc8b7a5


- All rpms in the CR repo are signed with the main distro key

- We hope to have the 5.7 Release ready in the next 7 to 10 days

- All updates released since 5.7 upstream, will also be added to the CR
repo in the next 24 hrs

- Once 5.7 is released, the 5.6/cr/ repositories will be removed ( they
will not be available on vault.centos.org )

- We will create and test a migration path from 5.6/cr to 5.7/os.
Everyone running regular updates will automatically be moved to the 5.7
release repositories once they are available on the mirrors.

- Baseurl for the CR repo is set to only use centos.org internal
machines, this is to reduce the amount of time we need to spend in
seeding and then managing external mirrors.

- All contents in the CR repo will be announced into a separate
announcement list; once 5.7 is released the announcements will be
re-sent to the centos-announce list.

Comments and feedback are always welcome.


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