CentOS 4.5 is released for i386, x86_64, and ia64
Posted on: 05/18/2007 10:56 AM

The CentOS development team is pleased to announce the release of CentOS 4.5 for i386, x86_64 and ia64.

It is available on all CentOS.org mirrors and via bittorrent.

This release corresponds to the upstream vendor U5 release. Also released in the updates repository for CentOS-4.5 are all updates through May 16th, 2007.

The work for the i386 and x86_64 ServerCDs and all other arches is in progress.

If you are currently using another version CentOS-4 version, using this command will upgrade you to CentOS-4.5:

yum update

Major changes for this version are:

* The up2date options "--undo" and "--list-rollbacks" are now
deprecated. You must use "yum remove lt;pkg_namegt;" or "rpm -e lt;pkg_namegt;"
to remove packages, or "rpm -Uvh --oldpackage --nosignature --nodigest
lt;pkg_namegt;" to revert to an older package.

* CentOS-4.5 contains a Xen kernel that is now supported as a paravirtualized (PV) Guest, but it cannot be used as a dom0. There are issues with erratic mouse movements in PV Guests that will be corrected in future updates. You can install CentOS-4.5 PV Guests onto CentOS-5 machines, using the CentOS-5 Xen kernel as Dom0 and the CentOS-4.5 PV Guest as DomU.

* There is a technology preview of OpenOffice-2.0 included in the updates directory. You can install this OOo2 preview alongside the current OOo-1.1.5 version, or you may install the OOo2 preview alone. We apologize that this was not included on the ISOs, however it was not on the upstream ISOs and we followed that layout. To List the new OpenOffice-2.0 RPMS with yum use this command:

yum search openoffice.org2 | grep i386 | grep -v langpack

For finding Language Packs (if you want other than English) do:

yum search openoffice.org2 | grep langpack

Use "yum install lt;pkg_name1gt; lt;pkg_name2gt;" to install the packages that you want, or "yum info lt;pkg_name1gt; lt;pkg_name2gt;" to obtain more information about them.

Please see the CentOS specific release notes here (or in the main directory on your install media):

detailed upstream release notes here (and in the /NOTES directory on your install media):

CentOS-4 Documentation is here:

All previous released CentOS versions are available at:
To stay current with CentOS:

Visit our website at http://www.centos.org/

Join the CentOS mailing list at:

Join various team members on IRC at irc.freenode.net #centos
Note: It may take a couple days for some of the external mirrors to
catch up.


The CentOS Development Team

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