CentOS 4.3 Server CD - i386 Released
Posted on: 05/30/2006 06:11 PM

The CentOS 4.3 Server CD has been released:

The single CD server install for CentOS 4.3 / i386 has now been released and is available from all active mirrors. A torrent will be available shortly from the centos/4/isos/i386 directory shortly.

md5sum for the CentOS 4.3 ServerCD / i386 is :

35cdcfcb17c28fb2be6e56689ba7a0d6 CentOS-4.3.ServerCD-i386.iso

You can find a local mirror to download from here:


We appreciate all feedback ( via http://bugs.centos.org/ ), including RFE's and bug notifications.


1. This installer will only work with i686 based cpu's ( no K6, older Via C2 / C3 support )

2. The included packages are a subset of all packages available in the CentOS distribution, however yum has been pre-configured to use the entire repository.

3. In order to ensure that drivers and other third party apps maintain compatibility, the package set used on the Server CD is from Release time CentOS 4.3, you are strongly encouraged to run a 'yum update' immediately after installation.

4. As some of you will notice, the iso size is lower than the 650mb acceptable for a single CD. Feedback on what other packages should be aded or removed from this Single CD for the next release are very welcome.

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