Cedega 5.2
Posted on: 06/15/2006 02:00 PM

Cedega 5.2 has been released:

TransGaming is pleased to announce the June 13th release of Cedega 5.2, code named "Amberjack". Amberjack has great new features that make playing games on Linux even easier than before. With the introduction of the Games Disc Database (GDDB), Cedega supported titles will be detected automatically and installed with the best known settings. This will also allow newer adopters of Linux to get their games up and running quickly and easily with minimal fuss. With the GDDB, users will receive better feedback on what is happening with game installs, warnings and messages will be directed to the GUI when Cedega recognizes any known setup issues, and context sensitive information for each game including pointing users to the appropriate release notes when applicable have added. We know that you are running multiple games with Cedega so we have implemented a new method of configuration handling that lets you set options globally but still gives you the power to override them on a per shortcut basis. Other improvements include expanding the shortcuts properties dialog which allows you to add command line specific options directly to the shortcut, extract an icon directly from the executable, as well as launch native Linux applications right through the Cedega user interface.

Cedega 5.2 also improves game play by adding support for recent versions of dbus which do not require a cd/dvd listing in the /etc/fstab file. Once again auto-detection, installation and copy protection should be working for all distributions.

We have no doubt that with Cedega 5.2 your gaming experience will escalate to new heights and that gaming on Linux will be far easier and better than ever. If you haven't tried playing games on Linux with Cedega yet, this is a great opportunity to start now.

Oblivion™ Support

We've been reading the forums, tallying the votes, and have heard the constant chants for The Elder Scrolls® IV: Oblivion. Our development team has been working feverishly towards building support for Shaders 2.0 and we're not quite there just yet. However, we know you want to play Oblivion and we have, in the interim, found a way to support this title using Oldblivion. Oldblivion is a project designed to allow Oblivion to be played on video cards that don't support Pixel and Vertex Shaders 2.0. With Oldblivion support, TransGamers now have access to the full content of Oblivion using Shader model 1.X which means you can still enjoy the game in all its glory. In order to run Oldblivion, simply update Cedega to version 5.2, visit www.oldblivion.com, download and setup according to the instructions on the site and you'll be playing Oblivion with ease.

Release notes

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