Bodhi Linux - Minimalistic and pointless
Posted on: 03/08/2011 10:39 AM

Dedoimedo posted a review on Bodhi Linux, a Ubuntu-based minimalistic distribution with Enlightenment E17 desktop, featuring extremely limited functionality, with no Samba, multimedia applications or codecs, no programs, and lots of problems.

Bodhi Linux - Minimalistic and pointless

Bodhi Linux is a minimalistic edition of Ubuntu, based on Lucid, running the controversial Enlightenment E17 desktop, which is supposed to be very lightweight, simple, elegant, beautiful, and capable of some nifty desktop effects, even on machines with fairly old hardware. A noble cause, but taste and mileage may vary. Not a bad idea and definitely refreshing. But saying yes to a review does not mean saying yes to a distribution. And today, you will learn why I said no.

Tested, 0.15 pre-release, per Jeff's request, for better or worse. P.S. I have notified the developer of my dissatisfaction with the distribution and warned him ahead of the publication, but he gave his blessing, which shows courage and character. He asked me to expose all of the problems, so that his team could work on resolving the issues. Kudos to Jeff for this one.

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