Become outfitted for the Linux adventure of your life
Posted on: 11/17/2003 01:45 PM

So, your boss says you're moving from Windows to Linux. He's decided he wants the stability, flexibility, and cost savings of Linux, but you have many questions in your head. Isn't Linux like Unix? Isn't Unix hard? Will you be able to do it? Where do you begin to make sense of all of this? Is there a map you can follow? No worries, you'll be able to transfer many of your existing skills to Linux with this gentle Windows-to-Linux roadmap. Now you can get away from your everyday Windows work and take these simple life-changing steps to Linux success!

Step 1. Thinking in Linux - Redirect what you know and do it the Linux way.
Step 2. Console crash course - Reacquaint yourself with the command prompt.
Step 3. Introduction to Webmin - Easy point-and-click admin tool for beginners
Step 4. User administration - Learn about the Linux approach to users.
Step 5. Linux logging - Monitor the health of your system, its important.
Step 6. Working with file systems - The heart of every server.
Step 7. Networking - Unleash the power of Linux and its full potential.
Step 8. Backup and recovery - The first line of defense against disaster
Step 9. Installing software - Take your pick, binaries or compile from source.

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