Banshee 0.11.2
Posted on: 10/24/2006 12:35 PM

Banshee 0.11.2 has been released:

Import, organize, play, and share your music using Banshee's simple, powerful interface. Rip CDs, play and sync your iPod, create playlists, and burn audio CDs. Most portable music devices are supported. Banshee also has support for podcasting, smart playlists, music recommendations, and much more.


* Banshee is now made up of the core module, banshee, and the official plugins module, banshee-official-plugins

* banshee-official-plugins is recommended, but not required to run Banshee

* libipoddevice (0.5.1) and ipod-sharp (0.6.2) are required for iPod support

* helix-dbus-server (0.3.0) is required for Helix/RealPlayer integration


* New interactive interpreted Boo shell (CTRL-SHIFT-S) that allows live in-process manipulation of Banshee using the Boo language (Aaron Bockover)

* Show DAAP shares under a single master container source (Scott Peterson, BGO #363548)

* Recursive child sources now possible (Scott Peterson, BGO #363548)

* Load XML audio profiles from multiple sources; fixed sorting issue with the combo control; added 'mode' support to mp3-lame; load profiles from the BANSHEE_PROFILES_PATH environment variable if set (Aaron Bockover)

* New SQL Database Command layer for more secure and optimized queries (Aaron Bockover)

* MTP fixes and improvements (Patrick van Staveren)

* Do not require intltool 0.35 (Aaron Bockover)

* Fixed various build problems and workaround regarding Mono 1.1.18 (Aaron Bockover, Alp Toker)

* Bugs fixed: BNC #212477, BGO #363548


These features are found in the banshee-official-plugins module, not in Banshee core:

* Minor fixes and updates to podcasting (Mike Urbanski)


Release Overview Page:

SLED 10 Packages (ZYPP Repository):

openSUSE 10.2 Packages (YUM Repository):

Banshee 0.11.2 Tarball:

Banshee Official Plugins 0.11.2 Tarball

ipod-sharp 0.6.2 Tarball:

libipoddevice 0.5.1 Tarball:

njb-sharp 0.3.0 Tarball:

helix-dbus-server 0.3.0 Tarball:

xing MP3 Encoder Tarball:

Banshee Wiki:


- Mono 1.1.10 and full stack
- gtk-sharp-2.0 2.8 or 2.10
- GStreamer 0.10.3
- sqlite3
- libmusicbrainz 2.1.1 or better
- libnautilus-burn 2.12 or better
- GTK+ 2.8 or better
- HAL 0.5.2 or better (0.5.6+ Recommended)


* Please do not hesitate to file bugs against Banshee in GNOME Bugzilla (, component: banshee), or discuss Banshee on this list or in #banshee on The Banshee Wiki, open to everyone for viewing and editing is located at

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