Aurox Live 9.1 RC 3
Posted on: 10/15/2003 05:38 PM

DistroWatch reports that Aurox Live 9.1 RC 3 has been released

Aurox 9.1-Live-1.0.1 (signed as RC3) is now available for testing. It has many improvements and bugfixes comparing to previous versions, see the release notes. Most important: we've added gcc/g++/libstdc++-devel 3.2.2, more translations. Translations of other than pl, cs, de, fr, es, us, uk are removed. There is now also: apache 2.0.47, apache-manual, php 4.3.2, MySQL 4.0.13, Quanta Gold 3.1.2, cdrtools. Features: if you start in graphical mode, logging out will shut down the system, icons are shown for partitions found. This version is a Release Candidate, so it should work without problems, but of course many things are still and ALWAYS under development. Please try it and send us bug reports and opinions.

Release Notes

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