Atlantik 0.7.0 Alpha 1 Released
Posted on: 05/30/2004 09:25 AM

Atlantik 0.7.0 Alpha 1 has been released.

Atlantik is a KDE client for playing Monopoly-like board games on the monopd network.

This release is a preview of the Atlantik that will ship with KDE 3.3. The stand-alone release was seperated from the "Kindergarten" KDE 3.3 alpha release to include fixes aimed at KDE 3.x compatibility and aims at giving KDE 3.0, 3.1 and 3.2 users the ability to upgrade Atlantik without a complete KDE upgrade.

Amongst the new features are an event log, improved monopd protocol handling and estate names displayed on the board. The release furthermore includes all improvements from Atlantik 0.6.x (the KDE 3.2 version which never had a stand-alone release) including configurable token images, better KNotify support and various bugfixes.

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