ATI Catalyst 8.2 Proprietary Linux Display Driver
Posted on: 02/14/2008 12:02 PM

AMD has released new ATI Catalyst drivers for Linux

The above drivers support English only. The display driver requires POSIX shared memory to be enabled on the system. Kernel Source package is no longer required if Kernel Header package is installed.

Driver version: 8.455.2

ISSUES RESOLVED: (1) Fixed Xserver crash on screen resolution change in horizontal or vertical desktop setup with a monitor that does not support DDC. (2) Fixed problems related to BusID entries in xorg.conf in an unexpected format. Symptoms could range from failure to initialize 3D acceleration to Xserver crashes on startup. (3) Fixed intermittent Xserver hangs on logout if atieventsd was running. (4) Fixed hang of the first OpenGL application in an Xsession on Xserver version 1.4.

Download for 32-bit
Download for 64-bit

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