Apache/MySQL Update for Mandrake
Posted on: 12/20/2002 12:23 AM

MandrakeSoft has released two security updates for Mandrake Linux:

A number of vulnerabilities were discovered in Apache versions prior to 1.3.27. The first is regarding the use of shared memory (SHM) in Apache. An attacker that is able to execute code as the UID of the webserver (typically "apache") is able to send arbitrary processes a USR1 signal as root. Using this vulnerability, the attacker can also cause the Apache process to continously span more children processes, thus causing a local DoS. Another vulnerability was discovered by Matthew Murphy regarding a cross site scripting vulnerability in the standard 404 error page. Finally, some buffer overflows were found in the "ab" benchmark program that is included with Apache.

All of these vulnerabilities were fixed in Apache 1.3.27; the packages provided have these fixes applied.

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Two vulnerabilities were discovered in all versions of MySQL prior to 3.23.53a and 4.0.5a by Stefan Esser. The first can be used by any valid MySQL user to crash the MySQL server, the other allows anyone to bypass the MySQL password check or execute arbitraty code with the privilege of the user running mysqld. Another two vulnerabilities were found, one an arbitrary size heap overflow in the mysql client library and another that allows one to write '

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