Apache2/ProFTPD Update for Mandrake
Posted on: 09/30/2003 05:37 AM

Two new security updates are out for Mandrake Linux

MandrakeSoft Security Advisory MDKSA-2003:096 : apache2
A problem was discovered in Apache2 where CGI scripts that output more than 4k of output to STDERR will hang the script's execution which can cause a Denial of Service on the httpd process because it is waiting for more input from the CGI that is not forthcoming due to the locked write() call in mod_cgi.

On systems that use scripts that output more than 4k to STDERR, this could cause httpd processes to hang and once the maximum connection limit is reached, Apache will no longer respond to requests.

The updated packages provided use the latest mod_cgi.c from the Apache 2.1 CVS version.

Users may have to restart apache by hand after the upgrade by issuing a "service httpd restart".

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MandrakeSoft Security Advisory MDKSA-2003:095 : proftpd
A vulnerability was discovered by X-Force Research at ISS in ProFTPD's handling of ASCII translation. An attacker, by downloading a carefully crafted file, can remotely exploit this bug to create a root shell.

The ProFTPD team encourages all users to upgrade to version 1.2.7 or higher. The problematic code first appeared in ProFTPD 1.2.7rc1, and the provided packages are all patched by the ProFTPD team to protect against this vulnerability.

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