Announcing BeatrIX 0.1
Posted on: 08/26/2004 02:52 PM

A new linux live-CD has been released

We're proud to announce the release of BeatrIX 0.1, a live-CD, 167-meg distro containing the latest stable 2.6 kernel, Gnome 2.6, Firefox, Evolution, GAIM, Open Office Writer 1.1.2 and more. It is a live-CD package -- it doesn't touch your hard drive.

In its next release, slated for October, BeatrIX will be installable to hard drive.

Our goal with BeatrIX is to create a distro that will run on today's new breed of mini-ITX motherboards (Which it certainly does.), with a minimum (64 megs) amount of RAM. Although it was written for the Via series of mini-ITX mobos, it should run on any Pentium-class computer with 64 megs of RAM.

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