AMD Radeon R9 270X On Linux
Posted on: 10/22/2013 09:16 PM

Phoronix takes a look at the AMD Radeon R9 270X on Linux

AMD Radeon R9 270X On Linux

Earlier this month AMD announced the R9 series graphics cards that included the $200 Radeon R9 270X offering based upon the "Curacao XT" graphics core. This Volcanic Islands graphics card in Microsoft Windows benchmarks has been faster than a Radeon HD 7870, but today we have the first Linux test results and compatibility information available. This article serves as our first Linux review of the AMD R9 270X -- or any Rx 200 series graphics card for that matter -- in the form of the Gigabyte Radeon R9 270X 2GB.

The Radeon R9 270X "Curacao XT" core is comprised of 2.8 billion transistors on a 212 mm2 die. The R9 270X core is clocked at 1000MHz with a 1050MHz boost frequency and a 1400MHz GDDR5 video memory frequency. The Radeon R9 270X has 2560 GFLOPS of single-precision processing power and 160 GFLOPS of double-precision compute power. The maximum TDP on this graphics card is 180 Watts. With the Radeon R9 270X (and R280X) having been available for two weeks now as their first "Volcanic Islands" hardware, you have likely ready plenty about the new architecture and other new details, and the fact that AMD hadn't provided any review samples or even any press slides, we'll leave the overview brief and stick to where we provide our value: the Linux information and results.

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