amaroK 1.2-beta4 Released!
Posted on: 02/02/2005 06:07 AM

Version 1.2-beta4 of the amaroK audio player has been released

Changes since 1.2-beta3:

* Multiple result selection for Amazon cover downloading
* The loader is now more robust and should always find the main binary.
* The search-browser has been integrated into the file-browser.
* OSD can have fake translucency and new fancy shadow.
* Fix crashes when writing tags. (BR 95344)
* CoverManager updates its status display correctly.
* Automatic crash report generator, sends backtraces to amaroK HQ.
* Beginnings of a script-plugin framework
* Playlist2HTML, a script for playlist exporting. (BR 96199)
* Improved statusbar, with extra fanciness, and feedback
* New background-task progress display system
* Alarm script, starts playing music at specified alarm time.
* Script-Manager for DCOP script extensions is now functional.
* Attempts to make amaroK more accessable to new users
* Runtime DB-backend selection (MySQL or sqlite)
* Fabulous new amaroK icon "Blue Wolf", made by Da-Flow.

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