amaroK 1.0-beta1 released
Posted on: 04/11/2004 05:49 PM

amaroK 1.0-beta1 has been released

With the beta release series we hope to generate much feedback, bug reports and wishes, leading to a high quality final product. Please test and enjoy :)

New features include:

* New plugin framework, loads audio engines on demand. This helps to cut down application startup time and makes amaroK more flexible.
* Support for XMMS visualization plugins.
* Experimental support for the NMM multimedia framework.
* Much improved GStreamer-engine.
* Collection Browser, a database powered music manager. This new tool combines amaroK's superior playlist handling with a tag-based approach to music managing.
* Search Browser, a tool for quickly locating music on the harddisk.
* Configurable toolbar and statusbar, improving the user interface substantially.
* Innovative "Play Next" feature which lets you quickly set up a music queue, without modifying the playlist.
* Performance improvements with playlist loading.

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