aKregator-1.0-beta1 is released
Posted on: 05/22/2004 04:26 AM

aKregator 1.0-beta1 has been released.

aKregator is KDE RSS aggregator with great look and feel.

This beta emphasizes on:

* Multitabbed article viewer - click on a link within an article to open it in new tab.
* Double click any article to open it externally in konqueror window.
* Add feeds with ease - feed autodiscovery is supported (e.g. for LiveJournal.com - just enter something like http://livejournal.com/~username to have RSS feed found automagically).
* Tries to keep usage patterns similar to kmail and konqueror to help learn quickly and use easily.

Please report any bugs you encounter to the KDE Bugzilla. Please keep in mind this is still beta release, and so bugfixing is in progress. When in doubt, please contact developers directly on irc.kde.org in channel #akregator.
Some old bugs are still at http://berk.upnet.ru/projects/bugs and are being fixed atm.


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