Accessibility Test Suite 2.11.1 and 2.15.1 (Liquids Now Permissable)
Posted on: 09/29/2006 09:11 AM

Accessibility Test Suite 2.11.1 and 2.15.1 are now available

In light of the recent loosening of TSA travel requirements on airlines, I also bring good tidings in the form of scripts which will help your applications better fit into the world of Universal Access Design. These scripts evaluate applications in the desktop for missing accessibility features in widgets used within, and create reports of this data, so that these issues may be fixed.

It is possible to write a script to scan any application which supports using ATK on some level within itself. Scripts currently exist for the following applications:

- Banshee
- beagle-search
- The SLED 10 App Browser and Control Center
- Evolution (incomplete, but covers most of the mailer UI currently)
- GEdit
- GIMP (very incomplete, but covers several basic interfaces)
- The preference dialogs in gnome-control-center
- gnome-passwd from SUSE
- GNOME System Monitor
- RealPlayer 10
- Yelp
- zen-installer from SLED 10

We are actively working on adding support for scanning more applications as well. If you would like to help add support for a specific application, please contact me so that we can work on getting your application tested, and so that I can write documentation sufficient enough for people to write scripts of their own accord more easily. If you find any bugs in the scripts, or have any interesting feature requests, please contact me as well, so that I may fix the bugs and get the features added to LDTP or to the A11y Test Suite as needed. There is currently no bugzilla, but as soon as the LDTP bugs get moved over to, there will be a component under LDTP for the a11y-test-suite package. We are also working on getting automated tested hooked up into jhbuild for the tinderbox, and will hopefully also have automated scanning and reporting of these accessibility issues as well.

This release follows and requires the 0.6.0 release of LDTP announced earlier today, which is available at:

The Accessibility Test Suite packages are available at either of the following URIs:


Please use this stuff and give me feedback on how it works for you, and improvements that can be made, so that we can make the desktop kick more ass for those that need to use these features, too.

-- dobey

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