Abakus 0.90 release
Posted on: 08/15/2005 07:29 AM

Abakus version 0.90 has just been released.

- What is it? --

Abakus is a calculator for KDE with a significantly different GUI style tha
n most calculators you may be used to. It was inspired by a rant the author saw online (which you can view at http://dot.kde.org/1096309744/). Unfortunately, the code included with the rant wasn't really suited to fast startup, and was kind of limited besides, so I decided to do something about
it. The result is a calculator tuned for the way we work on computers. There are no simulated buttons, no digits to click on. Instead, you just type your expression in, and hit Enter.

Abakus supports variables (including the automatic last-result variable, an
s), user-defined functions, and the rest of the basics. It also has a compact mode should you ever need to put it always-on-top, and rather nice drag-and-drop, including a little bubble showing you exactly what you're dragging.

- Wow, you filled a massive gaping hole in my life, where can I find thi
s? --

Please visit the homepage at http://grammarian.homelinux.net/abakus/ for more information, and screenshots.

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