abakus 0.90
Posted on: 08/21/2005 08:12 AM

Basically, this is a tool to let you type an expression (including trig, exponential, or logarithmic) functions and get an answer, including a history pane, support for Radians and Degrees, and a very compact mode. Note on the recent RPN mode addition: abakus as of now doesn't have an persistent RPN mode value stack, so every expression you enter at this time has to result in exactly one value on the operand stack (e.g You can't do '2+' after entering an expression, you need 'ans 2 +').

You can make it really useful by using KControl to bind it to a key to make sure it's just a few keystrokes away!


* DocBook documentation contributed by Jes Hall.
* A lot of the good user interface code was taken from SpeedCrunch by Ariy
a Hidayat. Abakus is now more pleasant to deal with.
* Added support for the GNU Multiple Precision library (in conjunction with MPFR). If you do not have it installed Abakus will fall back to its internal code.
* Improved error handling with the deriv() function.
* Fixed spelling of Ariya Hidayat's name.
* Added asinh(), acosh(), and atanh() functions.
* All functions that Abakus supports now have exact numerical derivatives. Abakus will still approximate for user-defined functions.
* Improvements to drag-and-drop, which is used slightly more evenly.
* You can use the F6 key to quickly select the expression editor.
* Fixed a crash bug when redefining a user-defined function that another user-defined function was using.
* Fixed a bug where the compact mode setting was incorrectly loaded.
* Fixed a bug with raising negative numbers to integral powers.
* Fixed a bug where the currently selected precision menu item could be deselected.
* Fixed a bug where some elements didn't have their precision updated when you selected a different precision.
* Fixed a bug where selecting Custom Precision would leave it checked even
if you canceled the ensuing dialog.
* All hyperbolic trig functions consistently ignore the Degrees setting no
w, since it makes no sense when dealing with hyperbolic functions.



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