10 Awesome Free Games for openSUSE
Posted on: 09/07/2010 12:51 PM

OMG! SUSE! takes a look at 10 Awesome Free Games for openSUSE

10 Awesome Free Games for openSUSE

Back in "ye olde days" of Linux, there were no games. If you wanted to entertain yourself, you either played nethack or you tried to compile Gentoo, neither of them terrifically fun. (In those days I played a game called "learn to program" which was probably the most entertaining game on Linux at the time.)

These days gaming on Linux is a completely different story, we now have everything from Minesweeper ( KMines) to first-person shooters and flight simulators. While the gaming experience is far from perfect on the Linux Desktop, it's miles ahead of where it was just four years ago.

Today gaming on Linux is becoming increasingly popular, so much so that my pals over at OMG! Ubuntu! are launching a new site called Ubuntu Gamer before the year is out. I don't plan on launching a site called "openSUSE Gamer", but I did want to jot down a list of some pretty stellar games available for Linux users of all kinds.

The full list of awesome Linux games after the jump

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