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Linux Compatible

Mandrakelinux 10.0 for AMD64 RC 1
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Release notes

- Kernel: ACPI fix. Handle pci=noacpi. Add some workarounds for eMachines notebooks. Really re-add VBE and EDID block interfaces to -BOOT kernel so that the installer can auto-detect a wider range of monitors.
- Installer: ACPI is now enabled by default. To install without ACPI enabled, simply boot with "noacpi" entry. Grub now can be installed correctly.
- Packages fixes: XFree86 Mach64 driver works again. Libify tcltk for correct biarch installation. 64-bit fixes to xcdroast. XMMS can play mp3 files again.
- New packages include: ffmpeg 0.4.8, FreeS/WAN 2.04, Jabber 1.4.3, Licq 1.2.6, LyX 1.3.4, QCad, Quanta 3.2, mgetty 1.1.30, GNOME Media, gstreamer-plugins 0.6.4.

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