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Linux Compatible

8-in-1 External Flash Media Reader/Writer SKU 305274 (CompUSA)

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Submitted on: 05/04 - This product is working under Linux

CompUSA re-brands others' hardware as it owns. On the bottom FCC sticker it says Model UISDMC51W. The operating manual which describes driver installation and using the unit on Windows and Mac credits a company called FourStarGroup. This unit was recognized and memory cards were reconized when I plugged it into the USB port on my system using SuSE Linux Professional 9.0. This is OUT OF THE BOX and surprised me, since the research I had done suggested I would have to make patches to the kernel to use a flash media reader. I have tested a Lexar 256M Compact Flash card and Lexar 256M Secure Digital Media card. Both work fine, mounting as sda1 and sdb1.

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