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General: Support Forum Updated
2010-03-28 17:12:29 Source: Email [ Print | 0 Comment(s) ]

The support forum is running a new software. I just finished the migration to Invision Power Board 3.

The following Linux forums are available:
Everything Linux
Linux Hardware
Linux Software
Linux Games
Linux Networking
Linux Customization & Tweaking
Linux Security

In case you can't login, please reset the password using the form. To register, click here.

General: Contentteller 2.0.4 Online Demo
2009-06-29 10:18:41 Source: Email [ Print | 0 Comment(s) ]

OpenSourceCMS has updated their Contentteller online demo to 2.0.4. Contentteller 2.0.4 was released last week.

"Contentteller is a powerful open source content management system written in the PHP scripting language designed for sites of all sizes and types. "

>> Contentteller 2.0.4 Online Demo

General: What Goes On Within AMD's Linux Beta Program?
2009-03-10 19:44:43 Source: Email [ Print | 0 Comment(s) ]

Phoronix posted an update on the AMD Linux Beta Program

"This year NVIDIA has been following the "release early, release often" mantra with it seeming like two weeks can't even go by without seeing a new Linux driver -- whether it's a beta driver, an official driver update, or one of their legacy drivers picking up a few fixes (at times they have even released four drivers at once). On the opposite spectrum, AMD continues with monthly Catalyst driver updates on both Linux and windows. Rather than a continual stream of new public driver releases, AMD maintains a private beta program for their Catalyst Linux driver. This private program is made up of AMD developers, hardware vendors, users of different Linux distributions, other Linux vendors, and end-users. Phoronix has been apart of this program for years, but those testing this driver are under a strict Non-Disclosure Agreement with AMD regarding pre-releases of their Linux software. Today, however, AMD has decided to declassify some information pertaining to its Linux Graphics Driver Beta Program."

>> What Goes On Within AMD's Linux Beta Program?

General: AMD Dropping R300-R500 Support In Catalyst Driver
2009-03-05 11:18:20 Source: Email [ Print | 0 Comment(s) ]

Phoronix send words that AMD is dropping R300-R500 support In their Catalyst Linux driver

"Beginning next month with the Catalyst 9.4 release, support for the R300/400/500 generations of graphics processors will be dropped from AMD's mainline ATI driver. In a move they hope will allow them to focus their efforts on newer and upcoming graphics processors, the mainline Catalyst driver on both Linux and Windows will stop supporting cards older than the Radeon HD 2000 series. Linux customers affected will be encouraged to use their open-source driver stack (xf86-video-ati or xf86-video-radeonhd and Mesa) or stay with the Catalyst 9.3 driver."

>> AMD Dropping R300-R500 Support In Catalyst Driver

General: AMD Video BIOS Disassembler Released
2009-01-08 23:10:46 Source: Email [ Print | 0 Comment(s) ]

Phoronix reports that the AMD Video BIOS Disassembler has been released under the GNU GPLv2 license to developers

"Just a little more than a week after AMD openly released R600/700 GPU code to begin development of an open-source 3D driver for their ATI Radeon HD 2000/3000/4000 hardware, a disassembler and table dumper for their video BIOS abstraction layer has been released to developers. This tool called AtomDis was used early on in the development of the RadeonHD driver by Novell and is now being released under the GNU GPLv2 license to assist interested open-source developers or act as an instrument to those learning about graphics processor programming."

>> AMD Video BIOS Disassembler Released

General: AMD Releases Open-Source R600/700 3D Code
2008-12-29 22:28:02 Source: Email [ Print | 0 Comment(s) ]

Phoronix reports that AMD has released Open-Source R600/700 3D Code

"Since earlier this year we have been waiting for AMD to release documentation and/or code on the ATI R600 series concerning 3D acceleration so that the open-source Linux drivers can begin to support the newer ATI graphics processors. It has taken longer than expected for AMD to complete and release this information, but it's now available. AMD has released the fundamental Linux code needed to begin fostering the development of an open-source R600 3D driver. Furthermore, this code also concerns the latest R700 series of graphics processors! The microcode for the newest GPUs has also been released."

>> AMD Releases Open-Source R600/700 3D Code

General: Xfce 4.6 BETA-1 (Fuzzy) released
2008-10-15 16:37:01 Source: Email [ Print | 0 Comment(s) ]

The first beta of Xfce 4.6 is now available

"We are one month since the release of Xfce 4.6 ALPHA. And now it's time to release the first BETA, codename 'Fuzzy'.

A lot of bugs have been fixed in this release, a few highlights:
- Xfwm4 can now detect if a program is unresponsive. It will show a dialog to let the user kill it.
- Xfce4-session will start up significantly faster by using parallel startup.
- It is possible to configure the keyboard-layout.
- Toggling event-sounds with libcanberra + gtk 2.14 is now possible (meaning: you can turn them off).

And lets not forget the translations, thanks to them Xfce 4.6.0 will be available to a lot of people in their native language.

Ofcourse, this is still a beta. This means that not everything is working perfectly now."

>> Xfce 4.6 BETA-1 (Fuzzy) released

General: Update: Microsoft and Novell extend Linux partnership
2008-08-20 20:57:09 Source: InfoWorld [ Print | 0 Comment(s) ]

Microsoft said Wednesday it would purchase up to $100 million in coupons for Suse Linux support from Novell, furthering a controversial 2006 partnership aimed at customers who run both Windows and Linux in their server environments.

>> Update: Microsoft and Novell extend Linux partnership

General: Bordeaux 1.2 Released with Cellars support
2008-07-07 11:36:24 Source: Email [ Print | 0 Comment(s) ]

Wine Reviews reports that Bordeaux 1.2 has been released

"Bordeaux 1.2 was released today and its a major upgrade over the initial 1.0 release, version 1.2 comes with Office 2007 support, better IE support and cellar support. Cellars are in short just another name for bottle support, with the new cellar support each application or game can be installed into its own wineprefix "cellar" and on top of that you can install unsupported applications and games into their own unsupported cellar. This gives you a sandbox to test in while leaving your supported applications and games in a safe environment.

The cost of Bordeaux 1.2 is $20.00. Anyone who bought 1.0 can upgrade to this release for free as an incentive for being brave enough to try out the initial release of Bordeaux. Bordeaux comes with six months of upgrades and support and of course a 30-day money back guarantee."

>> Bordeaux 1.2 Released with Cellars support

General: The future of PHP
2008-05-08 21:16:27 Source: Jayne [ Print | 0 Comment(s) ]

DeveloperWorks posted an article on PHP 6

"Discover PHP's new features and syntax improvements and see how they will take this already-popular scripting language to the next level. Learn how Unicode support, Web 2.0 features, and other changes make PHP V6 more robust, as well as more international."

>> The future of PHP

General: Valve's Source Engine Coming To Linux
2008-05-07 15:42:08 Source: Email [ Print | 0 Comment(s) ]

Phoronix reports that Valve Software porting their Source Engine to Linux

"There have been rumors since last year that Valve may be serious about porting Source games to Linux after Valve Software began seeking a senior software engineer with the responsibility of porting Windows-based games to the Linux platform. Valve Software has yet to officially announce Linux clients for any of its software, but at Phoronix we have received information confirming that Valve is indeed porting its very popular Source engine to the Linux platform."

>> Valve's Source Engine Coming To Linux

General: VIA's Open-Source Efforts A Bluff?
2008-05-03 11:38:37 Source: Email [ Print | 0 Comment(s) ]

Phoronix published an article on the VIA Linux situation

"Last month we reported on VIA's new open-source driver efforts that was announced at the LF Austin Summit. This new strategy involves VIA providing the open-source community with NDA-free hardware specifications, code, and other resources -- in a similar fashion to what ATI/AMD and Intel have been doing for some time now. However, not everyone has been satisfied by this announcement and their new Linux website isn't yet exactly useful. We explore the VIA Linux situation in this article as well as sharing what two open-source developers have to say."

>> VIA's Open-Source Efforts A Bluff?

General: Tools to access Linux Partitions from Windows
2008-04-14 10:14:59 Source: Email [ Print | 0 Comment(s) ]

Ubuntu Geek takes a look at tools to access Linux Partitions from Windows

"If you dual boot with Windows and Linux, and have data spread across different partitions on Linux and Windows, you should be really in for some issues.

It happens sometimes you need to access your files on Linux partitions from Windows, and you realize it isn’t possible easily. Not really, with these tools in hand - it’s very easy for you to access files on your Linux partitions from Windows."

>> Tools to access Linux Partitions from Windows

General: Message Forums updated
2008-03-29 11:12:48 Source: Email [ Print | 0 Comment(s) ]

I finally updated the CompatDB.org message forums. The following Linux support forums are available:

- Everything Linux
A forum for general Linux questions

- Linux Hardware
Need help getting a hardware working under Linux? This is the place to ask

- Linux Software
A forum for discussions of software related issues

- Linux Games
A forum for games under Linux

- Linux Networking
Networking under Linux

- Linux Customization & Tweaking
Tips and configuration tweaks for Linux

- Linux Security
Need help security your Linux system? Here you can post your questions and sharing tips and tricks

The forums are ad free for registered users. Click here to register for free

General: CrossOver Games available
2008-03-25 17:14:05 Source: Email [ Print | 0 Comment(s) ]

Codeweavers has released CrossOver Games for both Linux and Mac OS

"Now gamers can play the games they want, on whatever platform they want! With CrossOver Games, you can run many popular Windows games on your Intel OS X Mac or Linux PC. Whatever your tastes — first-person shooters, fantasy, strategy, MMORPGs — CrossOver Games provides the capability to run many popular games titles. CrossOver comes with an easy to use, single click interface, which makes installing your games simple and fast. Once installed, your game integrates seamlessly into your Desktop. Just click and run! Best of all, you do it all easily and affordably, without needing a Microsoft operating system license.

CrossOver Games is built on the latest versions of Wine, based on contributions from both CodeWeavers and the open-source Wine community, and then lovingly hand-crafted by Stefan Dösinger, our very own Wine/Games connoisseur. Unlike other CrossOver products, which are aimed primarily at office productivity applications (and hence maximum stability), CrossOver Games aims to bring you the latest, greatest, bleeding edge improvements in Wine technology. This means that the newest games run faster and better under CrossOver than under other versions of CrossOver, or other version of free Wine, for that matter. You want to run your Mom's knitting software? Maybe you should look elsewhere. On the other hand, if you need better framerates on Linux or Mac so you can frag your buddies: check out CrossOver Games!"

>> Read more
>> Download Trial

General: Wine 1.0 Release Criteria updated
2008-03-17 16:45:07 Source: Thomas Wickline [ Print | 0 Comment(s) ]

Wine Review posted an update on the Wine 1.0 Release Criteria

"On March 15th Dan Kegel sent a email to the wine-devel mailing list with a outline of the new release schedule for Wine 1.0 here is a quote of his original message.

I've updated http://wiki.winehq.org/WineReleaseCriteria
to be a bit more final.

I've also written a draft release plan; see


Alexandre Julliard replied with his thoughts on the first draft with some suggestions.

We need a code freeze and stabilization period before the release. My thinking is that we should have a 1.0rc1 release, probably sometime in May, and from that point on only accept small obvious fixes. Then we'd have rc2, rc3, etc. as needed until the bug list gets small enough. And by rc1 (or even earlier) any bug that requires more than a small simple patch would be deferred to 1.1.0."

>> Wine 1.0 Release Criteria updated

General: PHP 5 deadline approaches
2008-02-02 11:57:24 Source: Email [ Print | 0 Comment(s) ]

InfoWorld posted a news story that several open-source PHP (Hypertext Preprocessor) projects plan to stop supporting older versions of PHP in upcoming releases

"The Go PHP 5 campaign, sponsored by several PHP proponents, is intended to move the PHP developer community fully onto the PHP version 5 platform. Among the projects backing the effort are Symfony, Typo3, phpMyAdmin, Drupal, Propel, and Doctrine. These vendors are committing to use PHP 5.2 in releases developed after Tuesday."

>> PHP 5 deadline approaches

General: Sun to Acquire MySQL for $1 Billion
2008-01-17 08:03:49 Source: Email [ Print | 0 Comment(s) ]

PC World posted a news story that Sun acquire MySQL for $1 Billion

"Sun Microsystems will pay US$1 billion for Swedish software company MySQL, whose open-source database is used for some of the most widely visited Web sites in the world.

Sun said the deal will augment its position in the enterprise IT market, including the $15 billion database market."

>> Sun to Acquire MySQL for $1 Billion

General: SCO hopes selling Unix will raise $36 million
2007-10-26 12:36:43 Source: CNET News [ Print | 0 Comment(s) ]

CNET News reports that SCO hopes that selling Unix will raise $36 million

"The SCO Group plans to sell its Unix assets--but not its big Linux lawsuits--to York Capital Management for up to $36 million."

>> SCO hopes selling Unix will raise $36 million

General: Asus officially announces Eee PC
2007-10-17 11:06:24 Source: Email [ Print | 0 Comment(s) ]

CNET News reports that the Eee PC, a long-awaited sub-$300 laptop-like device, was officially announced for the North American market.

"It's official: Asus has announced that the Eee PC (which we've been tracking since August) will be making its way to North America within the next few weeks. The 2-pound, 7-inch, Linux-based laptop will be available in three configurations priced from $299 to $399."

>> Asus officially announces Eee PC

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